• Happy Fruit Smoothies
    - naturalne koktajle owocowe

  • Homemade preserves
    produced by
    family recipe

  • The very good
    closed pots

  • The very good
    closed pots


History milk Fimaro began over a decade ago, when Anne visited the grandparents house.

Looking through family heirlooms was dusty cookbook your grandmother, who survived two World Wars.

That day, she found in it something more than just recipes.

Taste, health and all the best that mother nature gave was closed jars Fimaro.

Domowe wyroby

Home Made

Fimaro & Anna Walczynska’s Pantry buys its fruit and vegetables from a certified organic farm as well as farms covered by the NATURA 2000 network of nature protected areas. All preserves are made according to our original recipes. In its production, Fimaro relies on traditional homemade methods that have been honored for centuries.

Our traditional products are boiled in open kettle. The exquisite taste is obtained by highest quality preserve using 65% - 75% high quality fruits. Where necessary pectin is added. The conservation process takes place in the most natural way, by auto pasteurization.
Rodzinna tradycja


Fimaro & Anna Walczynska’s Pantry, a family company which has been supplying fruit preserves made according to traditional home recipes, without the use of artificial preservatives, for more than a decade. Cooked, fried as well as baked fruit preserves deliver an unforgettable taste experience.